Accelerate My GCI 5-Day Challenge  August 22 - 26, 2022

Accelerate My GCI 5-Day Challenge 
 August 22 - 26, 2022

While Most Will Be Trying to Just Survive this Recession...

Join This Crucial 5-Day Challenge to Get the Right Focus, Clarity and Certainty 
on What to Do Now to LEAD Your Marketplace During These Next, 
Critical 6-12 Months and Accelerate Your Impact & GCI 

Join this Crucial 5-Day Challenge to Get the Right Focus, Clarity and Certainty on What to Do Now  to LEAD Your Marketplace During
These Next, Next, Critical 6-12 Months and Accelerate Your Impact & GCI 

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A Massive Economic Shift Is Coming. Some Will Prosper... the Rest Will Unfortunately Struggle ...Because They Didn't Heed the Warnings and Didn't Prepare.

If you’re paying attention to what’s really going on in the world - you know things have been changing rapidly and we are headed for a recession. 

My question for you is: Are you prepared? Will your business go under or just barely survive? Or will you take the right bold action and shift NOW so you can lead your marketplace through these challenging times, serve your clients at the highest level possible, accelerate your Impact & GCI and thrive?

Join this Transformational 5-Day Challenge Experience - You'll Be Glad You Did. 

$297  $97

  • 5-Days of LIVE Power Training with Alina
  • ​4-Step Blueprint to Accelerate Your GCI and Secure Your Future During This Economic Crisis
  • ​Daily Mission Assignments to Complete for Instant Results
  • ​Q&A and High-Performance Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is this challenge not FREE?
Would you be MORE committed to show up and take this 100% seriously if it was?
Who is this challenge for?
This challenge is for Agents who are serious about their business not just SURVIVING but THRIVING in this recession, and who are ready to take massive action now so they can accelerate their business and GCI while leading their marketplace and serving their clients at the highest level possible.
Who is this challenge NOT for?
Agents who 'already know it all' ...  and are sceptical or even cynical.
Are the challenge classes live?
Yes, this is a LIVE virtual event!
Do I get the recordings for each session?
Recordings will be available for a limited time.
What are the exact dates?
August 22-26, 2022 - 1pm CST - Schedule 1.5 hours every day.
What else do I need to know?
This is a challenge - not another course that you can 'get to later' - and there is such an urgency right now that many are still not taking seriously. Show up, be there, fully present, understand how to prepare and what to do now. It's like Tony Robbins says, "Anticipation is Power." When opportunity comes ... or in this case crisis ... it's too late to prepare. 

About Alina Schumacher
Alina is a Certified High-Performance Coach™, John C. Maxwell Certified Trainer, Author of How to Get Listings and Dominate Your Market, and the Founder of World-Class Agent Coaching & Mentorship Program, where she coaches Real Estate Agents all over North America how to become the #1 trusted local Agent everyone refers - without the overwhelm, the detours, and the burnout. 

She does that using her 'proprietary' 4-stage Market Domination Plan which enabled her to not only become the #1 local REALTOR® in her market area shortly after immigrating to Canada and reaching the top 1% of all Agents in her province/board - but also, build, systematize and successfully scale her business into a thriving brokerage - while continuing to homeschool her three children.

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